Standing Out From The Crowd

It's Hard To Compare Apples to Apples When You're The Only One In The Barrel

FranDirect is unique. Our services are more exhaustive, our experience is more extensive, and our approach is far more hands-on.

At FranDirect we have been right where you are now. Our company is helmed by a veteran franchisor who has personally awarded hundreds of franchises nation-wide, ran successful franchises in multiple fields, owned Canadian master licenses, and turned her own kitchen-table operation into a multi-million dollar franchise network. We know the pitfalls and the opportunities of franchising from personal experience, because we've seen them from your side of the desk.

If you're considering buying a franchise, we can offer the kind of real world advice from experience you can't get elsewhere.

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Looking To Franchise? Look No Further

When it comes to franchise development, we stand apart from the crowd. Our services are the most comprehensive in the industry by a very long measure. We assist you with absolutely every facet of franchise development: we start at the beginning, helping draft your franchise agreement, and we are with you for the entire selection and awarding process right up until you approve your new franchisees. From training manuals to franchisee stationery packages, we're there through it all.

We value your company's uniqueness as much as our own. We highlight and promote the things that set you apart, because they are valuable advantages. We will find franchisees who will appreciate and protect what you have built.

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